Jennifer McDermott

I’m into product management; specifically good communication, strategic alignment and agility – and of course, learning stuff!

Hey! I’m Jen, a product person. I’m currently Head of Product at an enterprise travel company, leading a team of three product managers and five product owners in an agile software delivery environment to improve the lives of our customers using our apps across 5 geographical markets.

My background is product and digital marketing, working from enterprise to small businesses and across a range of sectors, as well as agency.

Particularly gifted in looking at any task through the lens of the bigger picture, Jennifer was a crucial presence at Investoo in furthering the product portfolio. As a product leader, Jennifer drives her work forward through constant communication, a genuine care for the user, and an incredible capacity to marry user needs with metrics and core business drivers. A natural strategist, she’s also brilliant at bringing her teams together under the banner of a concrete, well-defined vision. As an individual, Jennifer is constantly looking to improve herself.

Nuno Veiga, Product & Marketing Expert

I love to continuously improve, so I usually have my head in some product management, marketing or leadership literature, networking with other product people or just improving my own self awareness of my product management style (which I spoke about recently in Berlin, here are the slides if you find that sort of thing interesting!).

When I’m not doing that, I like to read fiction / non-fiction, write, draw, video game, watch films and hang out with my equally nerdy husband.

What does your personal roadmap look like?